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St James Investments helps property owners who need to sell in a hurry. We always offer cash. You wont be part of a chain: we make an offer and, if you accept, we pay cash. Just like that. Nobody else is involved

We are experts in valuing and buying properties that have problems. If your property has problems do ask us first. We can almost always help.

Call us now. You have nothing to lose and you will probably end up with a cash sale. In just days.


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Selling your property fast on the open market is often an experience that can be difficult and frustrating. Here at st-jamesinvestments, we provide an easier way.

We offer tailored packages to people who want to sell a house. We meet with all potential sellers at their earliest convenience and submit an offer on their home as soon as possible in order to kick-start the selling process.


We will purchase any property within the M25 area.

Nothing. We pay all legal fees whether it is your solicitor or ours.

We buy all types of residential property: houses, flats, freehold or leasehold, properties in need of refurbishment and even fire damaged properties.

Yes. Many of the properties we buy are in need of some improvement, which is why they are harder to sell through Estate Agents.

Auctions are infrequent and they are a lottery. You also have to wait for the next auction in your area, pay 2% to 3% in fees and even then completion can take weeks or even months.

Many clients come to us with estate agent valuations that the agent themselves has been unable to realise. Sometimes these properties have been on the market for 6 months to a year. Estate agents are like weather forecasters. They guess at a valuation in order to attract clients and then hope they can realise it. Sometimes this approach works and sometimes it doesnt. In any event selling through an agent takes a significant time and carries significant cost. We on the other hand put our money where our mouth is and we have numerous options post sale that agents dont so we can often come pretty close to the open market value. Thing is you have nothing to lose to find out.

Not unless you tell them. We dont even put a sign up on your property.

We dont have to wait for a mortgage. We have a huge amount of financial backing. We have the funds right now.


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We guarantee not to sell your information. This is purely for our own valuation calculation.